Small Projects (residential / commercial)

From 20 SE we approach to cover every aspect of the design of your solar projects, in this sense we focus on improving the efficiency of the conversion of photovoltaic energy, supplying technologies, engineering and development according to your residential or commercial needs.

Medium Projects (industrial / agricultural)

For projects that need engineering developments within the industrial or rural area, we have qualified personnel to help them understand the interaction of the photovoltaic issue with the elements of agricultural or industrial production, in our staff we have doctors (PHD) in agricultural and industrial subjects who They will help you develop photovoltaic projects according to the economic indicators that your rural or industrial photovoltaic project requires.

Large (industrial) projects

When the analysis, engineering and development of sustainable projects is required, the 20 SE provides the conceptual and the theoretical framework for large projects that require large capital investments, some of these projects may come from the private or the government sector, in both cases the 20 SE will contribute to the objectives set by our clients.