About Us


We offer our clients photovoltaic engineering solutions according to the energy needs of their projects and operations.

Our approach to the client begins by identifying the real demands to contribute to improving their levels of competitiveness and sustainability.

We are committed to delivering customer success by sharing our global expertise in photovoltaic designs, components, and technology, in conjunction with our world-class business partners.


Dr. Eduardo Ballán

Director at 20 Solar Energy for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. I live in Madrid Spain and I will help you in whatever you need for renewable energy, which is to improve life.


Provide innovative photovoltaic engineering solutions in accordance
with the energy demands of our clients’ projects and operations.

We offer high levels of competitiveness, sustainability, reliability and quality for your full satisfaction in terms of design, supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of the photovoltaic solutions offered globally and in each location where it is required.


To be recognized as a leading global firm in photovoltaic engineering, through the perfect integration of the needs of our clients, the technologies developed by our suppliers, the quality and commitment of our human talent. As well as an innovative and versatile management, capable of making significant contributions to the preservation of planet earth and to the improvement of the quality of life of the human being in the 21st century.


Empathy with the client

Quality and innovation

Integrity and transparency with our stakeholders

Commitment to sustainability and competitiveness in projects

Excellence in our work and operations

Global presence